Mission Statement

The MU Advisors Forum, formed in 1986, is an organization of faculty and professional staff advisors.

Advisors Forum supports the definition of academic advising developed by the 1993 Provost’s Task Force on Undergraduate Advisement:

Academic advising is an ongoing, active process involving student, advisor, and institution, the primary goal of which is to assist students in the development and accomplishment of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals.

To be successful, academic advising must incorporate three distinct types of advising:

  • Developmental advising to enable the student to derive the greatest possible benefit from his or her university experience. Developmental advising aims to help the student solve whatever problems stand between the individual and academic success.
  • Career Advising to provide information and advice about career options and opportunities.
  • Curricular and programmatic advising to assist the student in selecting courses, planning programs of study, and meeting existing requirements.

MU Advisors are committed to inform, support, and encourage individuals to be self directed in the educational process within the framework of established MU academic standards.

Further, Advisors Forum supports the National Academic Advising Association’s (NACADA) Statement of Core Values of Academic Advising (1995). Toward the realization of those standards, MU’s Advisors Forum is committed to:

  • promote continued improvement of advising at MU.
  • support campus-wide efforts to recognize and promote outstanding academic advising.
  • provide advisors with on-going professional development and the promotion of professional standards.
  • serve the academic community as a knowledgeable body on matters of student advisement and advising policy.
  • offer services, programs, and publications to assist academic units in providing informed and conscientious advisement to all MU students.
  • support campus-wide recruitment efforts to recognize and promote diversity.
  • support campus-wide recruitment efforts and contribute to improved retention and graduation rates of MU students.